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The food saviors

Members of Parliament:

Main topics: nutritional resilience, food and society, food waste. 

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We met with


Morgi, an activist and volunteer at the 'Food Rescue'

The food saviors website The project is a voluntary project that emphasizes the reduction of organic waste that is wasted every day only because it does not fit the "beauty standards" of the food chains.

From the meeting

The problem of food waste is a worldwide problem and of course also an urban problem, it is relevant to all Jerusalemites, including the youth, who have greater and more power than is usually thought. Every day, about 6-10 tons of vegetables and fruits are thrown in the wholesale market in Jerusalem, a weight equal to the weight of an adult elephant.

The activity of the food rescuers is based on volunteers who collect and sort the fruits and vegetables that are thrown away at the wholesale market in Givat Shaul. The activity takes place thanks to the collaboration with the market workers, sellers and forklift operators.

The collected food is packaged and sent to families who need it, distributed at distribution points. Apart from that, they hold cooking workshops and offer vegan catering where most of the food is based on food thrown away in the market. The vision combines both the issue of food waste and the task of reducing hunger. Food is a right and everyone deserves to eat healthy, fresh and reasonably priced food. There is no reason for a child to go to bed hungry just because the wealth is not distributed properly.

The high standard that exists results in an excessive selection of food, both on the part of the consumers and on the part of the producers. To prevent this, you need to raise awareness and make a change to maximize efficiency when it comes to preserving food and preventing its waste. Wasting food basically talks about wasting all the resources that were invested in growing it. 

The territorial, natural, energetic and time-consuming resources that are invested in growing food are thrown away as soon as the food is thrown away. Therefore, the activity has an environmental value as well as a social value. The food is wasted only because the standards of the producers and consumers are a real and difficult obstacle in the way of proper consumption and supply in the food industry.

The challenge presented is how to make all high school students in Jerusalem understand and understand that there is a problem of wasting money and create solutions.

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