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Food-Security and Packaging

Members of Parliament:

Hendrik Schäfer (Bonn), Georg Bartz (Bonn), Sebastian Jost (Bonn), Matti Bertolini (Bonn), David Kim (Jerusalem), Abraham Yoon (Jerusalem), Zion Kam (Jerusalem), Ales Krebs (Jerusalem)


Louisa Wittekind

Main topics: nutritional resilience, food and society, food waste. 

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We met with


Dr. Hagit Ulanovsky

Ph.D in environmental biology, is an environmental health consultant, specializing in risk management, and in science-to-policy issues.

Decision offer of the committee for Food Security + Packaging

The committee:

  1. Recognizes - that there are several problems regarding the packaging in the shops near our school (Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium) and that there is a huge potential to reduce the food packaging consumed in the student‘s lunch break.

  2. Is concerned - that we use too much plastic in our daily school life and that students are not aware or just do not care about how hard the packaging is to recycle.

  3. Emphasizes - that the regulations of various shops near our school need to change so that students can buy food with their own reusable packaging.

  4. Is worried - that if we don't solve the problem in time, the damage to the environment will increase rapidly and the problem will only get harder to solve until it is unsolvable.

The committee:

  1. Recommends - establishing an educational program for students at our school so they can gain awareness about food choices.

  2. Supports - establishing online educational programs that are easily accessible to all and that teach about the importance of recycling plastics.

  3. Urges - the government to install more recyling bins and machines in towns, cities and public spaces.

Decision offer of the committee for Food Security + Packaging

The committee:

  1. Recognizes that there’s a number of problems at hand: People do not have enough recycling options, or simply do not feel rewarded well enough for doing so. Because of a lack of recycling options, it is not worth it for people to recycle, as it   takes too long to get to them.

  2. Is concerned that this issue is currently a low priority for the government and especially store owners. The committee is concerned that stores do not abide by recycling laws.

  3. Is worried that if we don’t start implementing solutions soon, the situation will only become worse. The longer we wait to implement solutions, the less time we will have to implement them. The longer we avoid tackling the issue, the more damage the environment will incur.

The committee:

  1. Recommends raising the bottle deposit, installing more recycling bins for packaging, making stores take more responsibility for recycling, and of course educating the people.

  2. Supports all initiatives, even individual ones.

  3. Calls for the position paper not to be taken light-heartedly, but seriously and urgently.

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