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The parliament is held online in collaboration with the Bloomfield Science Museum and WILA and under the auspices of the Jerusalem Foundation and the Office of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for Economy, Science, Education, Youth and Culture in Israel.

דף הבית: Welcome

About the Parliament

A scientific parliament for youth is being held this year in collaboration and connects youth in Jerusalem and Bonn.
The parliament brings together the youth with environmental and ethical issues related to their city.

This year the parliament also allows for a broader view and familiarization with local problems in other cities as well.

The collaboration between Jerusalem and Bonn offers a social meeting as well as a global and local perspective on the problems and challenges we face.

We chose to deal with the climate crisis, a crisis of which we are a part and which is our responsibility, in this parliament.

דף הבית: About My Project

What do we actually do 

  • Meetings and conversations in small groups, led by a mentor.

  • Independent study, asking questions and searching for answers

  • Meetings with experts in their field regarding the committees

  • Preparing a document of recommendations for the community on the subject of the committee and presenting it to members of parliament and other parties.

דף הבית: About My Project

How does parliament work

Meetings, conversations, discussions, activities and the creation of a document of decisions and recommendations that will be uploaded to the website summarizing the activity.

The activity will mostly take place in the committees of the members of parliament and will also include independent work and work in small groups. 

דף הבית: About My Project

The issues dealt with this year
in Parliament:

climate adaptation

  Open spaces, urban nature, biodiversity, dealing with surface runoff, lowering temperature, climate forest, community gardens

Public transportation

Innovative approaches in solving urban transport problems.
The role of the transportation system as a means of creating a prosperous and sustainable city, challenges in the city and the existing tension between private transportation and public transportation in Jerusalem. ​Allocation of resources for the benefit of public transportation.


Sustainable fashion (also known as ecological fashion) is a movement and process of fostering change in fashion products and the fashion system towards ecological integrity and social justice. Sustainable fashion is about more than just referring to textiles or fashion products.

We all need to eat, and preferably eat healthy, but how do our dietary choices affect the environment? When we consider our nutritional needs, do we consider human and environmental resources? Is the ecological impact inevitable or is there room for solutions and another way to do it?

Food-Security and Packaging

The changes in climate conditions and global warming may lead to consequences for food production worldwide, due to periods of extreme weather, drying, excessive heat and the effect of climate on water systems, the efficiency of agriculture and plant growth.

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